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Secondary insurance,
third-party payers,
pre-authorizations, eligibility
and benefit information . . .

It's kinda our job.

let us handle this headache for you.

Mental Health Billing Services

Want one less thing to worry about?  We Got You!


Your focus is back where it should be: on the service. You handle your calendar and notes; we take care of the rest. Your time is valuable, spend it doing what you love! Our billing service allows you to focus on your clients and not on insurance billing or claims. From the start to finish, we will navigate the medical billing and claims process to get you paid sooner than later.

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We work in the network behind the scenes of the machine, to get you paid. No more waiting weeks for insurance to turn around submitted claims. Automating the process streamlines the flow of income into your practice.

Family Therapy_edited.jpg
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