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is key in keeping your abundance stream flowing.

Bookkeeping Services

Get back to doing what you love and let us handle your books!


Your business is unique and your bookkeeping needs will be too. You will never pay for services you don’t need. Your custom services come with a monthly retainer plus per hour. No hidden charges, ever. No long-term contracts mean that if your needs ever change, cancellation requires 30 days notice.

There is little room for error in a mental healthcare practice, especially when it comes to the health and well-being of your patients. Conserve rapport by contracting us to handle all financial discussions. At Coleman Bookkeeping Services, we are offering bookkeeping services to help you be in compliance with tax laws, regulations, HIPPA, and healthcare billing. Your financial errors can be eliminated to optimize on your practice’s profitability and productivity. Here, we strive to help you operate at your highest potential. We provide you with the tools and resources that allow your private practice to continue to have sustainable growth.


Price List


Keep your books up-to-date and in perfect order!

We will work to implement the financial schedule that works for you and your goals.


Financial & Billing

Preventing accidental errors/omissions on tax forms, invoices, claims and other forms of documentation before they occur allows your practice to not spend extra resources and time to fix the preventable issues. We can tighten up billing issues through our bookkeeping services such as payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Producing accurate financial reports over time allows you to generate a clear picture of the areas where practice is operating well, and the areas where it can improve. Accurate financial reporting allows you to plan and safeguard a profitable future, no matter what. It is ideal to know where you've been to know where you’re going and what’s the best route to get there.

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