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Financial illiteracy
is NOT the problem. 

Solution-focused. Practice healthy new mindful awareness around finances.

Financial Therapy

Not a financial advisor; not a mental health professional; 

a mindfulness-based approach to financial sovereignty.

73% of Americans reported stress around finances within the last 30 days. The aversion to discuss financial realities is an even greater percentage. Money is energy and we have relationships with all forms of energy. The same cognitive biases appear in abusive relationships in the same ways we treat finances: overconfidence, overoptimism, risk aversion, risk taking, loss aversion and illusionary thinking.

Financial Sovereignty isn’t about money. It’s about you.


Identify patterns. Implement plans.

Your mindset about finances is 100% conditional conditioning.

Is the situation limiting or is the mindset around the situation a greater limitation?

We strive to reframe a fear based mindset around finances to help our clients create a financial sovereignty to live a more abundant and peaceful life.


We want our clients to understand their relationships, and associated traumas with money in order to help them permanently change their financial behaviors. When we reframe our classical conditioning around finance, more importantly abundance, we are able to allow more streams into our basin for prosperity to fill.


Our financial therapy coaching is a one-on-one session to start this process together. Using visual tools to identify patterns of financial behavior, we are able to create a landscape to assist in mindfulness practice, tools and resources. You cultivate the inner growth with small outer actions to permanently change the overall wellness of your financial sovereignty. Through our sessions, we will build a new powerful  and productive relationship with finances, no matter what life throws at you. Through our services, we can help facilitate and moderate conversations around money between couples, families, and business partners.

Financial wellness is a critical part of self-care.

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